Thursday, June 21, 2007

Wine chick extraordanaire!

Good evening, my wine loving friends!

If you'll allow me to introduce myself, I am the lovely "other half" to Mr. John P =) Most people know me as Sirpa; although as you can imagine, my rather unusual name has drawn quite the array of fantastic nicknames over the years. Regardless, I am the spark to the flame... my wine education started by buying random (and typically "affordable") wines on Tuesday nights in college, then looking up whatever I could about the varietal and the winemaker... and everything else that happened to come up.

Long story short: wine has just become an incredible passion of mine, basically the focus of my career at this point... I am currently working at a wine bar, and do an incredible amount of tasting, which greatly lends to my overall education and knowledge. The thing about it is, that a lot of people think it's probably an easy job, just "tasting wine all day." In reality, it IS work... a lot of work, taking notes, remembering everything (or at least close to everything) that you've tasted, and then being able to recall that if necessary in order to fit the needs of the bar.

So... from here on out, I look on taking my education/work, and pleasure--and sharing it with all of you.... my influences may not always be entirely northwest, but my heart and my passion lives and thrives here in Oregon.

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