Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Year in Review

I can't believe its been almost a year since my last blog post. Its been a pretty crazy year, a year where I have had notions of blogging almost daily for at least the last 6 months, but just haven't been able to get around to it. Here's a rough rundown of 2010:

1) Had a fantastic trip to Idaho (via Walla Walla) for a friend's 30th birthday. Then went to Hawaii for the first time. Within one week I was in 3 ft of snow in a mountain resort town and in 80's on the beach in the middle of the ocean.
2) Got laid off from my job in March, with 60 days notice (wasn't a suprise).
3) Got a new job (with a much more stable company) after 62 days, meaning I didn't have to actually get unemployment, though I did fill out the online forms. Filled out the forms on Monday, got a job offer on Tuesday.
4) Opened a tasting room at a winery, and spent the weekends during the summer pouring and talking about wine.
5) Got married in August, which means I was planning a wedding while dealing with the prospect of unemployment.
6) Spent 3 days fast-tasting through Walla Walla on our honeymoon, and found my second favorite wine region (behind Willamette Valley), along with some really fantastic wineries and winemakers.
7) Went back to Walla Walla in November for Fall Release, and honed in on the wineries we really love there (and realized a good portion of my yearly wine budget will be going there).

Its been a good year overall. I've spent the last month or so really thinking about what I want to really be doing, and what I should be spending time doing. I fell like I waste a lot of time, which could be put to better use, which is what I'm planning on doing next year. More time at the gym, more time meditating, more time with friends, and more time blogging.

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Bethany's Table said...

I too have trouble keeping up with blogging but you are just going to have to sit down and do it.

just checking out your site after you clued me in on it with your comment card at our restaurant, Bethany's Table. thanks for stopping in and letting a 50-something serve you.