Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Goats DO Roam

Eventually, repeated publicity has lead me to this wine: 2005 Goats do Roam red. I know that essentially, we have said that we would stick primarily to Northwest wines, but occasionally, it's an amazing experience to indulge yourself a little bit outside of the norm. So in this case, I headed to South Africa.

Ultimately, considering all the ratings that are out there, it was exciting to investigate an $8, decently rated wine.

What I smell: Deep, rich spice, and a soapy perfumishness. Graham crackers, and something else wonderfully familiar. Something like blackberry pie... mmmm

On the palate: Exudes herbaecousness and spice, black fruit.... bacony....... hints of chocolate and a big punch of spice on the finish, surely from the Shiraz (90%). Subtle hints of tannin, never too overwhelming, leaving you wishing that you had a little more.

Also, wonderfully complementary to a lovely, mild brie.

Seriously, a really decent value. I wouldn't say it's the most fantastic wine I've ever had, but definitely worth the $8

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Gretchen said...

The rose is nice as well...