Friday, July 27, 2007

Air Effects on a Rose

Last night I opened up a 2006 Sokol Blosser Rose. When I first opened it, and was drinking it with dinner, the taste and smell were really subdued, and it didn't seem like there was much there. I've drank and tasted the wine multiple times before, and so I know what to expect, and this was just not living up to expectations. I sealed it up (rubber stopper, pumped the air out) and put it in the fridge, intent on drinking it later.

After returning from running some errands about 2 hours later, I decided to give the Rose another shot. I opened it up and took a taste, and whammo, intense flavors and nose. I was expecting the same wine I had drank earlier with little change, especially since it had been in the fridge and I had sealed it up. Turns out, this Rose needs a little time to open up, which really suprised me. I think the next time I drink the wine, I'm going to open it up, and let it sit out for 30 minutes or so. If it was a blind tasting between the two, you would've thought they were two completely different wines.

Sokol Blosser


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Thanks for writing this.

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